Innovative and Relevant Solutions for the Crisis of Stuff

We’re Proud to Play a Big Part in the Circular Economy

BVH Services, is the innovation hub created by Bank & Vogue. They disrupt fashion’s linear business model by consulting and working with global forward-thinking brands, designers, and textile recyclers to reuse discarded clothing as input to new manufacturing.  BVH incubate sustainable solutions via 4 silos: 

Mechanical & Chemical recycling

Components for manufacturing

Circular design/upcycling at scale

Brand solutions for deadstock

Our Dream Is To Reclaim, Reduce and Reuse 10 Billion Items.

We believe in maximizing the value hierarchy of textiles so nothing ends up as waste. Last year, our group of companies Bank and Vogue, Beyond Retro and BVH Services rehomed 90 million items. It’s an amount we’re proud of but only a small percentage of our goal.

We Know Both Fashion and Sustainability – Our Two Brands

BVH Helps Make The Fashion Landscape
More Sustainable Through Our Services


Customized components for “new” manufacturing made from post consumer textiles


One of a Kind Apparel & Bags made from post consumer textiles


Robust Repair Program that gives a second life to gently worn garments


Ecommerce Photo-Processing of Take Back or Rrepaired product for recommerce


Deconstruction of goods into parts, maximizing end of life options


Mechanical and Chemical recycling

Working Together, United in One Big Goal: A
Bright & Sustainable Future

BVH is committed to driving business value while working within the framework of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set out by the United Nations and the global community.

Our Partners

Proud To Support

BVH prides itself on being a team player and supporting organizations whose efforts are focused on a greener and more circular approach to fashion and production.

  • A member of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circular Fiber Initiative
  • A member of WRI Used Textiles Work Group
  • Support – WEAR Conference
  • Board of SMART members